Within our space at Art & Design Precinct we have an Artisan Showcase.  This showcase is located within the center and is based on the concept of a bazaar.  Here you can browse through our small hand crafted and designer articles.


Who’s in the Showcase at the moment:

“Glass Lightly” handmade jewelry by Carolyn. Recently arrived…





Marcelle’s handmade candles – soy scented candles, melts and diffusers.

Jar candles with lid:

Mini bulb $7.50 (20-25 hours burning time)

Small bulb $ 13 (40-45 hours burning time)

Medium bulb $18 (70-75 hours burning time)

Large bulb $24 (over 10 hours burning time)

Reed diffusers – fragrance will last 8 – 10 months

Many wonderful fragrances.  Weddings, custom made colours & fragrances.  Refill of your favourite decorator items at home.


Marcelle's handmade candles

Cary Davies – mini works of original art and hand painted bags.

Mini nudes by Cay Davies

Gem’Apelle Designs – home decor products and gourmet delights


For the public this is a great place to pop-in for a unique gift and buy direct from the artist.

For the artisan it is an affordable and convenient way to have a permanent display.

  • Rent a shelf for a fraction of the cost of a weekly market stall.
  • Artisans can change their stock and display on a weekly basis.
  • Selection of your goods will be displayed for sale on our website.
  • A link on our website to your blog or website.
  • Get paid monthly for any sales.
  • The space is manned by our staff when the centre is open.

Art & Design Precinct has regular visitors from workshops participants, resident artists and their visitors, to people coming to see the latest exhibition.  Anyone who visits our space is there because they love art.

This is an excellent and economical way to test your products.

If you are interested in being part of our showcase just email:

  1. Hi
    I have a small collection of hand made jewellery @ Etsy. Perhaps you would like to check it out to see if it is suitable for your precinct. Thanks for looking.
    Carolyn Dominish
    Shop: Glass Lightly @ Etsy and Facebook.

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