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“Awakening” group exhibition. Exhibiting artists: Lynda Shapcott, Jan Hollingsworth, Sue Collecutt, Beverley Teske, Ian Longworth, Monique O’Callaghan, Froyle Neideck, Thee Craneman, Michelle Bowden, Vivienne Searle, Lucy Adams.



“Life’s a Beach!” group exhibition.  Exhibiting artists: Elaine Weller, Leisa O’Brien, Michelle Bowden, Keith Virtue, Annette Archer, Helen Shaw, Cecilia Hine, Dan Webb, Vivienne Searle, Helen Rowlands, Monique O’Callaghan, Jeremy Keane (Jimi Bobbin) Beverley Teske.



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Group exhibition.  Exhibiting artists: Vanessa Armstrong, Sam Randall, Jo Morris, Keith virtue, Omilee, Daniele Lamarche-Sarvia, Kris-Ann Ehrich, Karen White, Vanessa Jane, Marnie Lee, Beverley Teske, Michelle Bowden.


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“Your Imaginarium” Group exhibiting artists: Simon Cripps, Chris Gosley, Michelle Bowden, Beverley Teske, Karen White, Casey Charles, Sam Randall.




Solo exhibition by Amy Gosley.





Solo exhibition by Chris Gosley.




Exhibiting artists: Monika Bayer, Chantel Schott, Michelle Bowden, Darren Trebilco, Scott Burwell, Penny Lonie, Vanessa Jane, Vanessa Armstrong, Jan Hollingsworth, Cary Davies, Omilee, Gaz, Vivienne Searle, Rebecca Taylor, Jessica Malousis, Pat Hall, Elaine Weller, Cecily Slade, Lin Stanton, Keith Virtue, Dan Webb, Beverley Teske, Genevieve Ludlow, Lucy Adams.


CooEEE! postcard


Exhibiting artists: Andrea Baumert Howard, Michelle Bowden, Vanessa Armstrong, Lucy Adams, Kelli MacAlpine, Emma Ward, Melissa Page, Chantel Schott, Darren Trebilco, Glen Smith.




Exhibiting artist: Melissa Page, Iain Harrison, Bret Moody, Mark Doyle, Salvatore, Stacey Nightingale, Owen Wyte, Michael Williams, Dan Webb, Casey Charles.


Dave Newman

Opening Night Flyer

Once Upon a time



Exhibiting artists:  Cameron Attree, Monika Bayer, Michelle Bowden, Kris-Ann Ehrich, Chris Gosley, Bronwyn Hill, Cecilia Hine, Vanessa Jane, Paul Kateley, Daniele Lamarche-Sarvia, Penny Lonie, Genevieve Ludlow, Carlos Mayenco, Helen Shaw, Rebecca Taylor, Valerie Waring.




“Abstracted Nature” solo exhibition by Nicole Whittaker.






“Shenanigans” solo exhibition by Casey Charles.



Exhibiting artists:

Barek, Chris Gosley. Omilee, Michelle Bowden, Teagan Renee, Keith Virtue, Chantel Schott, Giovanna Scott,

Jan Hollingsworth, Tracie Worth, Lin Stanton, and GaZ.


Exhibiting artists:

Michelle Bowden, Elaine Weller, Lin Stanton, Sam Randall, Cecily Slade, Casey Charles,  Vivienne Searle, Jan Hollingsworth,

Chris Gosley, Omilee, Jill Howard, Helena Axelsson, and Jessica Malousis.

reflections banner

Artists:  Michelle Bowden, Monty the Brave, Aileen Kumar, Tafline Hoey, Joanna Fairbrother, Bruce Chipman,

Meg Black, Chris Gosley and Al Sutton.



50 shades of gray

Artists: Amy Attwood, Michelle Bowden, Naomi Crawford (Omilee), Cary Davies, Robin Jensen, Vivienne Searle,

Lisa Taylor-King, Darren Trebilco, Simone Vollbon and Cherie Strong.


Artists: David Cross, Grace Cross, Cary Davies, Aileen Kumar, Lucy Adams, Michelle Bowden, Samantha Penberthy,

Sam Randall, Vivienne Searle, Lin Stanton, Darren Trebilco, Ruby Purple, Simone Vollbon and Scott Burwell.

New World Order

Artists: Michelle Bowde, Cameron Eaton, Ben Eckersley, Kris-Ann Ehrich, Tamara Haddon, Jane Higgins,

Emily-rose Hyde-Page, GaZ, Marnie Lee, Samantha Penberthy, Sam Randall, Vivienne Searle, Lin Stanton,

Cherie Strong, and Darren Trebilco.


Opening 9/11 from 6pm continuing until 10/12/12.

Participating artists:

Lucy Adams, Michelle Bowden, Glenn Brady, Sarah Atkins, Jandamarra Cadd, Cary Davies, Ben Eckersley, Gaz, Sophie Love, Lynda McCormack, Nicole Seal, Vivienne Searle, and Darren Trebilco.

Casual hang from 5/10 to 7/11.  To get some colour up on our brand new walls.


Casey Charles, Cary Davies, Michelle Bowden, Gaz, Amanda Russian, Kylie Hitchcock, Petrina Speller, Lynda McCormack, Rose Marie Van Haeften.

Art & Design Precinct has ongoing group exhibitions.  Each exhibition is 4 weeks duration.

If you are an artist and interested in receiving our call outs please email artdesignprecinct@gmail.com


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